About Altimatum

Everyone's a Winner

Despite their growing popularity, Reward Token contracts generally have a short lifespan in the BSC world, project longevity was never given high importance.
To entice investors, most reward-based systems offer substantial rewards. However, there is a drawback here. Massive rewards require massive taxes. The smart contract will theoretically sell at a high rate and for a substantial sum, causing the graph to plummet precipitously. Tokens generally fail as there is insufficient buying pressure to support the smart contract selling.
At its heart, the Altimatum Token $ALTI is a reward token. The smart investor simply needs to purchase any amount of $ALTI, and they are automatically added to the reward distribution system.
Not content with only rewarding the holder, Altimatum incentivises buyers, new and existing, by awarding a bonus to a specific buyer. Every eleven minutes,the last buyer has a chance to win an extra reward.
Last modified 7mo ago